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About Me

I am a professional software developer whose heart belongs to C++, but who has an ongoing love affair with Python and a deep love/hate relationship with CMake. I’m a part-time video encoding enthusiast and semi-retired maintainer of the Photivo photo editor.

These days outside of work I mostly write small libraries to learn about topics I happen to be interested in. You can find all these projects on GitLab. And there’s good old e-mail as well:

About Privacy

Here Be Braces does not track you and does not give tracking opportunities to third parties.

  • The site does not use cookies or any other local storage.
  • Everything is hosted entirely on, including web fonts and the comment system. No resources are loaded from external domains.
  • If you leave your e-mail address in a comment, it is not displayed publicly and used exclusively for new-comment notifications.

About the Site

  • Generated with Pelican from reST files.
  • Comment system: Hashover-next. Source code with patches/hacks for Here Be Braces, released under the AGPL: hashover-next-hbb.tar.xz.
  • Most icons are from iconmonstr.
  • For fonts I use the PT family: PT Sans for the main text, PT Serif for headings and PT Mono for code and command line snippets.
  • And in case you were wondering: The source code snippet in the site header is taken from version 5.0.1 of the Clang compiler, from the file lib/Parse/ParseAST.cpp to be exact.